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Professional college named after Anvar Ismailov


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Professional College named after Anvar Ismailov



            The College Youth Committee (CYC) is a structural unit that implements the state’s youth policy at the academic level. The committee is responsible for fulfilling the job requirements of the director, establishing equal partnerships with various youth organizations at the national, city and district levels, together with active students in the community.


The main objectives of the Committee:

  • Ensuring the implementation of youth policy in the college;
  • Supervision of the practical implementation of the youth policy concept of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the documents of state importance, including the law "On state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan" which directly related to youth policy;
  • Carrying out a set of measures for the prevention of delinquency among college students;
  • Establishing a compromise atmosphere aimed at establishing peace and harmony among students;
  • Encourage students to take an active part in the educational process and conduct various cultural and educational activities;
  • Organization of subject and thematic Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences for the development of scientific and cognitive thinking of students;
  • Organization of competitions, contests and festivals in various fields;

CYC rights:

  •     At the meeting of the CYC, students listen to the reports of the heads of student councils in dormitories, coordinators of public associations, define their responsibilities, approve work plans, as well as approve work plans, give job descriptions and advice, announce thanks or reprimands in various official situations;
  •     Participate as a representative of the Academy at the city and national levels, speak on behalf of young people in the Admissions Committee of the Youth Parliament, participate, make suggestions and changes;
  •     Establish close partnerships with other colleges, youth committees;
  •     To make proposals to the Ministry of Education on the awarding and appointment of students, as well as the application of administrative measures, if necessary;
  •     To offer suggestions and solutions to the director in order to effectively conduct the youth policy of the College;
  •     In the course of his activity, the director has the right to request the necessary information within his competence, to use his official position.

Tasks of the CYC:

  •     Carries out the main activities and daily work of the CYC under the guidance of the deputy director for Educational Affairs of the College;
  •     In its activities, the CYC is guided by the following normative and legal documents:
  •     Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  •     Law on "Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan";
  •     Concept of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  •     Decisions of the Academic Council of the College;
  •     Resolutions and decisions made at the meetings of the Office of Educational Work, Youth Policy and State Language Development.
  •     Preparation of resolutions and methodical councils within its competence.

The structure and basis of the CYC:

  •     The Committee approves and is guided by the work plan, rules, resolutions in due time;
  •     The chairman (chairman) of the Committee is appointed by the order of the director;
  •     Chairman (Chairwoman):
  •     Carries out the duties assigned to the Committee in a timely and quality manner;
  •     Explains in detail the responsibilities of the staff of the Committee and coordinates their activities;
  •     Establishes official contacts with the student president;
  •     In the course of his / her activity, he / she enjoys official rights within the rules set by the director;
  •     The CYC includes the chairman (chairwoman) of the YC, industry instructors.
  •     At its meetings and official gatherings, the members of the CYC discuss issues related to youth policy, make decisions and resolutions, prepare documents submitted to the director and approve action plans;
  •     Resolutions, instructions and internal orders approved at the meeting of the CYC are binding documents for student (public) deans.



1. Уразматова Ардак Сериковна – колледж ішілік «Жастар ісі жөніндегі комитет» төрағасы;
2. Каримкулова Саида Адилжановна - Президент;
3. Нуралиев Жавахир Икрамжанович - Вице президент:

4. Худайбергенов Илхамжан Айбекович - Мәдениет министрі;
5. Қуанышбек Алина Нұрланқызы - Білім министрлігі;
6. Султанов Еркинбек Ихтиярович - Спорт министрлігі;
7. Исмаилова Нафиса Музаффаровна - Тазалық министрі;
8. Мурзабекова Айсұлу Мықтыбекқызы - Ұйымдастыру министрі;
9. Ахматкулова Чарос Мураджановна - Тәртіп министрі.

10.Юнусова Хушноза Махмуджановна - Ақпарат министрі;

11.Халпулатова Шахноза Эркиновна - Хатшы;