Professional college named after Anvar Ismailov

On March 11, 2016, received the "Industry Leader" Award at the XXX Anniversary ceremony of awarding the leaders of the economy of the member countries of the Union of National Business Ratings in Astana
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        The mission of WorldSkills Kazakhstan is to establish mechanisms for staffing high-tech industries in technical specialties based on international standards, including mechanisms for career guidance, training, formation of expert communities and productivity.


        The main purpose:

1. Raising the status of the blue-collar working class man/woman and the prestige of technical professions..



1. Improving the quality of teaching in vocational education;

2. Improving skills and expanding knowledge and skills of young people..


         Expected results:

1. Providing open access to innovative forms of vocational training;

2. Providing an opportunity to get acquainted with the best practices and high skills of professional training;

3. Expanding competition participation experience in professional skills in national and international level;

4. Providing access to world-renowned standards for the training of workers.


          WorldSkills of the Professional College named after Anvar Ismailov is an association of teachers and students, whose goal is to increase the status and professional training of college students, popularize working professions by preparing and participating in regional and international competitions..



WorldSkills  development plan