Professional college named after Anvar Ismailov

On March 11, 2016, received the "Industry Leader" Award at the XXX Anniversary ceremony of awarding the leaders of the economy of the member countries of the Union of National Business Ratings in Astana
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Position: Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs.

Education: 1992 - Tash FI. Accounting; 2010 - South Kazakhstan Pedagogical Institute. Majoring in Physical education and sports.

Category: First № 680 30.05.2015.

Work experience: 26 years

Khalmuradov Shavkat Rozakulovich

Position: Director

Education: 1985 - Shymkent pedagogical institute. Majoring in History and pedagogy

Category: Highest № 341 03.08.2017.

Work experience: 35 years

Ismailova Gulchekhra Kamilovna

Ismailov Alisher Anvarovich

Position: Founder

Education: 1975 - Кazakh chemical and technological institute. Majoring in Production of construction materials and structure.

Category: 2013 - Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan; PhD and a professor since 2004 ж.

Work experience: 44 years

Position: Deputy Director for Educational Affairs, Head of the Specialist Department.

Education: 2007 - Shymkent University. Majoring in History and geography.

Category: First. 12.05.2015 order 680.

Work experience: 10 years

Abzhelova Ulpan Oralbekovna

Position: Deputy Director for Academic Affairs

Education: 2003 - South Kazakhstan Humanities University. Majoring in Mathematics and informatics

Category: Highest 29.06.2016 order 310.

Work experience: 16 years

Rozakulova Nulifar Avazkhanovna

Saipova Minavar Fazilovna

Арынов Ерлан Еркинович

Position: Deputy Director for Economic Affairs.

Education: 2003 - M.Saparbayev University. Majoring in customs affairs; 2011 - Humanities and Pedagogical College. Majoring in Physical Education and sports.

Category: Second 01.06.2015.

Work experience: 16 years

Қызметі: Бас бухгалтер.

Білімі: ОҚ құқық ж/е салық колледжі 2008 ж. Бухгалтер; Халықаралық бизнес университеті 2014 ж. Бухгалтер.

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