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Rules of library use of professional college

named after anvar islamilov

1. General Provisions


1. Rules of using the library of College named after A.Ismailov was developed in accordance with the "Rules for the formation, use and preservation of the library fund of state educational organizations" (Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 44 dated 01.19.2016), "Rules for the formation, preservation and use of the library fund of state libraries" (Order of acting Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 25, 2007 No. 152 with additions and amendments dated December 10, 2015 No. 384).


2. The rules determine the content of the work of the library of organizations of technical and vocational education in the field of formation of information resources and library funds, with the aim of the most complete information support of the educational process.

General rules for using the library.


1.1. Library guidance - a document that defines the procedure for organizing services for readers and access to funds, the rights and obligations of readers and the library.


1.2. The library organizes the lending to readers for temporary use of books, other printed works and materials available in the library.


1.3. Students, teachers, employees, students of the department for the advanced training have the right to use the library.


1.4 The library is free to use.


1.5 Take away of literature is made on a subscription basis. Literature intended for use in the reading room of the library is not handed out.


1.6. Encyclopedias, reference books, current periodicals and publications, documents on electronic forms of information carriers are issued only for work in the reading room.


1.7 The accounting of the issuance of books, newspapers, magazines, other printed works, as well as slides, video recordings, tape recordings, CDs, electronic databases available in the library is organized.


1.8. Readers are enrolled in the library as follows: students - with a student card, teachers and employees - with an identity document, students of the military-industrial complex - with an identity document.


1.9. When registering for a library, readers should familiarize themselves with the library's regulations and confirm their commitment to fulfill them by signing in the reader's form.

A reader's form is filled in for each reader. Reader forms are documents certifying the fact and date of issue of printed works on traditional media, information on electronic media.


1.10. Every year, at the beginning of the academic year, the library conducts re-registration of readers with the obligatory presentation of all literature listed for them within the time limits established by the library.


1.11. Readers sign the reader's form for each literature received.


1.12. The term of use of the literature given out at home and the number of editions issued on a subscription are limited and are determined differentially:

for teachers:

educational - issued for the period of study of the relevant subject (with mandatory re-registration at the beginning of the academic year);

methodical - issued for a period of 1 month, and if there is a sufficient number of copies - for the period of study of the relevant subject (with mandatory re-registration at the beginning of the academic year);

for students:

software - issued for the entire period of study for students;

for extracurricular reading - 15 days;

periodicals - in the reading room.


1.13. The term of use can be extended if there is no demand for materials from other readers or reduced if the publication is available in one copy or is in high demand.


1.14 When the books are returned, the signatures of the readers in the reader's form are canceled with the signature of the librarian.


1.15. Readers responsible for the loss or unintentional damage of publications are obliged to replace them with the same publications or those recognized by the library as equivalent in value and content, and if replacement is impossible, to reimburse their real market value. For the loss of printed works from the funds or causing irreparable harm to them by minor readers, their parents or persons replacing them are responsible.


1.16. A personal file is issued to outgoing students only after returning the literature taken for a loan and the library marks on the outgoing’s checklist document. Outgoing college staff keep a checklist in the library.


2. Rights and obligations of readers


2.1. Library readers (students, teachers, staff) have the right to:

use the library and information services provided by the library for free;

to receive books and any other sources of information for temporary use on a subscription;

receive complete information on the composition of the library funds;

receive advice in the search and selection of books and other sources of information;

to obtain library-bibliographic and informational knowledge, skills and abilities to use information on traditional and electronic media;

take part in events held by the library;


 Readers are required to:

• re-register annually at the beginning of the academic year;

• to obtain literature, present a student's ticket or grade book.

• return the publications received in the library on time;

• to treat with care the works of print and other media received from the library fund, technical equipment;

• keep order and order in the library, do not bring large briefcases and bags into the room;


  Readers are not allowed to:

• take books out of the library without signing for them;

• spoil library publications (make notes, underlines, tear out sheets, bend the spines);

• take out cards from catalogs and card files;

• violate the order of placing literature in the open access collection;

• to enter the office premises and book depository without permission.

• visit the library in outer clothing.


3. The rights and obligations of the library

3.1. The library has the right:

• carry out constant control over the return to the library of issued books, other printed works and other materials;

• make the next issue only after receiving from the reader previously issued print works, the term of use of which has expired;


3.2. The library must:

• to provide free and free access of readers to library funds and free leasing of printed materials;

• provide a high culture of service to readers;

• study the readers' need for educational information;

• to assist readers in the selection of the necessary printed works by means of recommendatory conversations and providing them with catalogs and card files, recommendation lists and other reference, bibliographic and informational materials, as well as in organizing thematic book exhibitions, exhibitions, viewing new literature, Information Days evenings, holidays and other events;

• popularize their foundations, develop and encourage interest in books;

• improve library and information services for readers by introducing computerization and advanced technology;

• to register, store and use the books, other printed works and other materials in the fund in accordance with the established rules;

• be responsible for the safety of their funds, which are part of the national cultural heritage;

• create and maintain the necessary conditions in the library for the work of readers;

• provide readers with the necessary literature during the holidays;

• regularly organize minor repairs of printed works (pasting of torn and falling out pages, binding, covers, etc.), involving readers in this work;

• to conduct an annual re-registration of readers at the beginning of the academic year;

• report on their activities in accordance with the Regulations on the Library.


4. Rules for the use of the library reading room

4.1. Issuance of books in the reading room is carried out with a student card or grade books.


4.2. Literature intended for use in the reading room is not handed out.


4.3. Taking literature out of the reading room is prohibited. In case of violation of the rules, readers are deprived of the right to use the library for a period determined by the administration of the library, depending on the degree of violation.


4.4. It is not allowed to enter the reading room wearing outer clothing.