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  Anti-corruption actions

Corruption as a social phenomenon continues to exist today in almost all countries of the world, despite the political development, including in Kazakhstan, the difference is only in magnitude.

It poses a serious threat to the country's development and negatively affects the political and social institutions of a democratic state.

Anti-corruption has been identified as one of the main priorities of public policy in Kazakhstan. In order to develop anti-corruption attitudes in students, the college holds meetings, conversations, classes, where anti-corruption legislation, the concept of corruption, improving anti-corruption measures, anti-corruption discipline and the rule of law among students, anti-corruption - Explained the education in the spirit of the movement.

Representatives of the AGENCY FOR CIVIL SERVICE AFFAIRS AND THE DEPARTMENT FOR COMBATING CORRUPTION IN PAVLODAR REGION are invited to conduct preventive and explanatory work, an anonymous survey is conducted. The Student Government Council will hold a competition for the best anti-corruption posters. STOP CORRUPTION! I disagree! was the topic of the event with propaganda and information materials on the topic.

It was clearly defined by N.Nazarbayev that overcoming corruption is one of the main directions of public policy for Kazakhstan.

That is why the President in his "Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy" called the new political direction of the state, the fight against corruption as one of the priorities of the state.

In the context of economic modernization and large-scale social transformation in Kazakhstan, the need for a unified anti-corruption strategy, which is closely linked with the modern socio-economic policy of the state, is becoming increasingly apparent.